Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tray 24

Hello again,

I didn't get a chance to post for Tray 22 because I was trying to enjoy my break before summer classes started, so I was really busy. But I do have some interesting information for this post. At my last check-up, my orthodontist decided I would only go through Tray 30, so I won't get Tray 31. But, this is because he wants to go ahead and get my refinements done before he really tightens everything back up. So after I finish Tray 28, I will go in and get my attachments filed off. Then, after I finish Tray 30, I'll go back in and get "moldings" done again. My orthodontist actually uses the new iTero scanner now because it is supposed to be more precise than the putty moldings. So after this, he'll make a few more changes to my teeth and then, (I'm hoping) the refinement trays will make my teeth look perfect. I'm very glad he decided to do this without me even having to ask because I still felt like my teeth weren't going to turn out just quite right, especially my canines and lateral incisors. They just don't seem to be lined up properly. Of course I recognize that they are much, MUCH straighter than they used to be and I'm very appreciative for the progress, but considering the cost and the fact that refinements are included with the quoted price, I want to be completely satisfied with my teeth and take advantage of everything that I'm offered. I know some people don't want refinements because they just want to be done once the original trays are finished, but I'm too much of a perfectionist. I personally think that if you are not happy with your smile when you finish your trays, you should go ahead and get the refinements because not only are they included in the cost, but they'll get you that much closer to having the smile of your dreams. But then again that's just my own opinion and of course, not everyone will agree. So in the end, just do what will make you happiest. Anyway, I included pictures as always. Nothing too great or exciting so here they are.



Upper Arch

Lower Arch