Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tray 10

Hello again! This post is actually a few days early. It is only Saturday and I am not supposed to change trays until Tuesday, but that is going to be a very busy day for me so I figured it wouldn't hurt to be a little early in my post. Well as you know, this is the week I will be finished with tray 10, and since I have 31 trays total, I am about 1/3 of the way complete. I also thought this would be a good tray to compare to when I first started so this posting will have just a few extra pictures than normal. But before I get to the goods, I want to talk about my experience so far. I have been wearing the trays for almost 5 months now and I think it is amazing how much progress has been made already. I no longer feel any pain when I switch to a new tray. It is a bit uncomfortable because of the pressure, but my teeth do not hurt anymore like they did when I first started. It is becoming a little frivolous to maintain my routine. There are times where I have only a few minutes to eat and it is becoming increasingly tempting to just run out without brushing my teeth before putting the trays on. But then I think of getting cavities and decide to just brush them really quickly. But the maintenance issue would never make me want to switch to metal braces. I also want to mention that nobody has been able to tell I am wearing the trays unless I tell them. Every person I mention it to is shocked and amazed that they haven't noticed the trays before and more of them are becoming interested in getting Invisalign for themselves. All I tell them is that I absolutely love it and would 100% recommend it to anybody. Ok, now we can get to the pictures. I will have my normal pics, but I am also including a few that will show a comparison to when I first started. Have a great time!!

 Tray 1 is on the left and Tray 10 is on the right.

Tray 1 Upper 

Tray 10 Upper. The major differences I can see are that the right front tooth is straighter and the left lateral incisor has been pulled forward. But remember the tray is upside down so the right is on the left in the picture.

 Tray 1 is on the left. Tray 10 is on the right.

Tray 1 Lower

Tray 10 Lower. The main difference I see is that the left front tooth has been straightened out.


  1. Looks good so far - stick with it. I've just started - on tray 3!! Done a blog too if anyone is interested!

  2. By the way - have you got calcification from whitening? Why do you have white patches on your teeth. I am getting these too - from Nite White. Interested to know. thx

  3. Hi Smithee!

    I actually just recently noticed the white line on my front tooth, but it isn't from teeth whitening since I haven't had them whitened yet. I have attachments so if I had them whitened now, my teeth would end up with darker spots. So I have no clue where the white spot came from, but I'll ask my ortho when I go back in about 2 weeks. I have read in other blogs that the white spots were there before whitening and that the whitening just made them more visible. If I remember correctly, one blog said the white spot ended up being a cavity. But I'm not sure this is always the case because my mom has one of these spots and it is definitely not a cavity. Anyway I went ahead and added a link to your blog on one of my gadgets so hopefully you get tons of views! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my blog for future updates!