Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tray 26

26 trays down and 4 more to go (not counting refinements). I am soooo excited even though my teeth aren't as straight as I would like them to be.I think just finishing this many trays will feel like such an accomplishment. But hopefully they will be straight after I get done with my refinement trays because that was the whole purpose of gettting invisalign. I can see a HUGE difference when looking back at when I first started, and it feels good to not have to constantly worry about smiling too big because my teeth aren't that bad anymore. This tray wasn't very eventful so I'll just post the pictures and as always, if there are any questions, I will be glad to give my answer.



Top Arch

Bottom Arch


  1. thanks for sharing your experience for those of us who are in the beginning stages

    U & L - 2/27

    1. Hi G4! I am really glad my blog helped you and I hope your experience with Invisalign is just as great as mine!

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