Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tray 2 again...(Tray 30)

A new post is well overdue so here it is. I meant to post after Tray 1-(2) (Tray 29), but I got so busy with presentations, papers, and exams. But I'm now on my 2nd day of wearing Tray 3-(2) (31) so I knew that I really had to post. I'm still wondering how I should number the trays for the posts. Should I start over and number them according to the number on the tray? Or should I just number them continuing from where I left off? I think I'll have it settled by my next post because it'll probably get confusing if I post both numbers. Now onto my past few weeks of being back in the trays. It actually hasn't been very eventful. It's been painful, but not too bad. Just enough to make me feel like my teeth are being straightened. Aside from that, nothing exciting has really happened. But then again, I've worn so many trays already that I don't think I'll have many more exciting events happen to me, but we'll have to see. I suppose it's better for nothing to happen than for something bad to happen, right? Anyway, I couldn't find the camera I use for close-ups of my teeth so I could only do the facial view. I usually like to take both types of pictures because my teeth look great close-up, but the facial view is where you can really see the imperfections that are still there. I hope to have more to post next time. Until then, happy readings.


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