Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Update

Well, here is a quick update before my treatment starts in a few weeks. I checked my account on my orthodontist's website today and was really excited when I saw that the ClinCheck was available for me to look at already. According to the ClinCheck, I am going to be getting 31 trays for both my top and bottom teeth (even though my bottom teeth are barely crooked compared to the top). I am actually VERY surprised that it will only take 31 trays (before refinements, of course) because my orthodontist had estimated anywhere from 18-24 months. He said all of the cases that he had done that were similar to mine had taken 2 years, but that they were on people who were about twice my age (I'm 20 yrs old) so he was leaning more towards the 18 months. So before refinements, my treatment should take a little over 15 months. I'm hoping he doesn't throw me a curve ball when I go in to get the first set of trays that will draw out treatment, but to be honest, I've wanted straight teeth so badly for so long that I'm just ecstatic to even get this done, no matter the time. I have included the ClinCheck estimates for my teeth so anyone who wants to can view the (hopeful) transformation. Hopefully, no problems happen and everything runs smoothly. 

ClinCheck Center View

ClinCheck Top Arch

 ClinCheck Lower Arch

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