Thursday, June 30, 2011

They're In!!

I finally got my trays in today and these past 4 weeks dragged on forever. But the wait is over. At my appointment, I got a little bag with  few things including: containers to keep the trays, travel size toothpaste and toothbrush, floss, chewies, and a couple of papers explaining the dos and don'ts and how to care for the trays. I put the trays in to make sure they fit. The bottom tray popped right in with no problems. The top tray gave me a little trouble: it's pretty tight on the right front teeth so I have to use a little more force and make sure it's in just the right place. After a few minutes, the assistant had me take them out, which I was dreading from reading other people's experiences. The bottom again was no problem. The top tray was pretty tight on the front teeth and was a little difficult to get off but it wasn't too bad. I was told to wait until I go to bed to put them on again so that they could have a chance to just sit on my teeth for the night without me having to remove them several times for lunch, dinner, and bedtime brushing. I'll admit, I wanted to see how they would feel in my mouth for more than just a few minutes so I put them back in when I got home. It was actually pretty unpleasant. It didn't hurt in the least bit, BUT---they are so tight and there is so much pressure that I felt like I just wanted to rip them off. I'm not very claustrophobic, but this is how I imagine it would feel. The tightness made me so anxious and frustrated I was going crazy and had to take them out. So clearly I am 100% aware they are on, but my roommate was shocked at how clear and unnoticeable they are and I'm very pleased with that. My speech wasn't really affected. No lisp with tray 1. But then again, I didn't wear them for very long. I'm going to put them on tonight and see how I feel in the morning and throughout the day. I was told to wear them 18-20 hours a day, but I really doubt I would have them out for a total of 6 hours. Maybe 2 hours for each meal? I eat pretty quickly and usually eat 3 meals and a snack during the day so I'm estimating I will wear them 20-22 hours, but we shall see. I'll update after I really start wearing them and we'll see if I still feel the same about the good things I said.

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