Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A few days ago I asked my ortho's assistant that is handling my case to send me the ClinCheck video that shows the attachments that I will be getting on my next visit at the end of the month (July 28th). I will be getting a total of 6 attachments, however, they will not all be placed on my teeth at once. The most that I will have on at once is 4 and I will end treatment with 3. My orthodontist is trying to focus on moving just a few teeth at a time so when one tooth that will have an attachment is done moving, it will be taken off and another attachment will be placed on a different tooth that still needs to be moved. I was hoping to get away from attachments, but I guess I can't complain. In my opinion, they're definitely better than having metal across all of my teeth. I figured I don't really smile much or show my teeth when I talk anyway so it won't be much of a change. So here is the video that I was sent. It's not very big but you can still see which teeth will have attachments and when they come on and off.

I also wanted to talk about my first tray now that it's almost time to switch to tray #2. I will be making the switch Thursday night. I just want to review my experience with the first tray so I'll probably repeat a few things I've already mentioned in previous posts so I apologize if it seems redundant. Ok....well the trays were very tight when I first put them on. They were somewhat uncomfortable but it really helped to put them on at night. The next morning I had quite a bit of trouble getting the top tray off but it hasn't broken and it's almost time to switch so I doubt it will. When I took the trays off that morning there were a few of my teeth that hurt a lot, but only right when I would take the trays off and put them back on. I ate softer foods for the first couple of days, which, as an added bonus, has probably helped with my diet. A few days into the 2 weeks, my teeth didn't hurt at all anymore. When I have the trays in, I can tell they are there, but not in a painful way. I just feel them there but it's not really distracting or anything. After I eat and put the trays back in, I feel more pressure but that feeling goes away after a few minutes and my teeth adjust to having them back in. I'm really looking forward to putting the next trays on. I'm a little worried about the pain for the first day or two, but in my mind it's a good pain. It lets me know the trays are actually working and my teeth are really moving. I'm off to eat sushi and will post again after I start tray 2.

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