Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tray 1: Day 2

Ok, Ok. I know in my last post I said it would be a few days before my next one, but I just wanted to post again today so I could explain the major change since yesterday. When I woke up this morning and took the trays off to clean them, I was anticipating a lot of pain like the previous day, but it didn't hurt at all. They are so much more comfortable than yesterday. I can still feel pressure, but it's nowhere near the level it was on the first day. They are also much easier to get on and off. The top tray still gives me a little bit of a struggle but I don't feel like I'm going to break it anymore. It just takes a little extra force to get it off compared to the bottom tray that pops off very easily. I also wanted to include some pictures of the trays. I will give a couple of different angles of them and one picture will be of my teeth with the trays on so you can see just how clear they are.

Top Tray:

Bottom Tray:

Both Trays:

Trays On My Teeth:

Sorry these aren't the best pictures. I can't seem to find my actual camera so I took these using my phone. I did want to mention that I had to file the inside edge of the bottom tray where the tip of my tongue rubs against it. My tongue was starting to get a little sore from rubbing on it. All I did was take a small nail file and made the edge less sharp and it feels much better. That will be it for today and I will post again if anything changes.


  1. Hi.. again, haha.
    Umm, so I was wondering, how do you clean your aligners and did you get any attachments at all?

    And on a completely different topic, I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't help but notice under your "About Me" that you study at the University of Texas at Austin, and I was just curious to if you could tell me a bit more about the university and what you think of it, since I've considered applying there as an international freshman (I'm from Denmark) for fall 2012.
    I'd be really glad if you would :D

  2. Hi Ang,

    For your first question, the way I was told to clean my trays by the people at the orthodontist's office is this way: (1) Use Polident tablets, or any other brand of Denture Cleaner, in the mornings right when you wake up. I fill a little plastic container with warm (not hot) water, put the tablet in, then place both of my trays in and make sure they are completely covered by the water. After I have finished eating and getting ready, I rinse them off and put them back in. (2) After EVERY SINGLE time I eat, I brush my teeth and floss. Then, I brush the trays with a different, soft-bristle toothbrush WITHOUT toothpaste. Just use the toothbrush and water because toothpaste will turn the trays into a chalky color and they will no longer be invisible. (3) Although I haven't had to do this yet, I was also told that in case I ever go out to eat and forget my travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste, I can either rinse out my mouth and the trays with NON-alcoholic mouthwash or just water. Then when I get home I can brush my teeth and the trays.

    As far as the attachments go, I believe I will be getting a few put on my top teeth and I can't remember about the bottom. I just emailed the assistant at the orthodontist office that is handling my case and asked her if she can let me know the exact number I will be getting and when I will get them. I'm thinking I will either get them on my next visit (July 28th) or the one after that, which isn't scheduled yet.

    For your last question: I will be honest and say that I completely love going to UT. Some classes are pretty difficult, but as long as you study a fair amount for each class and get help when you need it, you can be very successful. One of the things I like most about UT is that there are students who come from all over. It makes it a really fun and exciting environment. I also like that there are several events that happen both on campus and off. Austin is a very unique place to live, especially here in Texas, and again this makes it so much fun to live here and go to this university. It's a very well-respected and well-known university. The only drawback that I would have to point out is something that most major universities will also suffer from: some freshman and even sophomore classes can be very large (about 500 students in 1 classroom). This makes it difficult to get attention when you really do need it, but most of these professors will try to accommodate this inconvenience. These larger classes will have several Teaching Assistants that know a lot about the subject and host several different office hours that you can attend if you need help. The professors also host their own office hours. I think UT is definitely a place you should consider and everyone I know that goes here absolutely love it too.

    Hope this helps!
    Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  3. Whoa, thank you so much for answering both of my questions so thoroughly!

    I find it so confusing, because when I googled how to clean your aligners, some people were told NOT to use Denture Cleaner, but then others were told to do so, like you. It would be nice to know what I should do, before I get my aligners.. But I guess I'll have to wait and hear what my orthodontist has to say about it when I'll go collect my first trays :)

    The university sounds really amazing - it sounds crazy with 500 students in one classroom though! But I'll definitely consider UT! Though I've heard it's really hot in Texas!

    Again, thanks so much and I hope everything's going well with your Invisalign journey so far! I'll definitely keep reading your posts and and write if more questions pops into my head :)