Wednesday, July 27, 2011

End of Tray 2

It's that time again - another post. I get my next 2 trays tomorrow (3 and 4) and my attachments as well. Like I said before, I will be posting pics of my teeth after every other tray is completed, so roughly once a month. I also wanted to post some pics before I get the attachments that way when I do get them, I can post again and compare. This tray wasn't anything different from the first. It is much more comfortable than the first few days and much easier to get off. The bottom tray is very easy. Taking off the top tray still gives me a little trouble on the front teeth, but it has gotten easier. I am a little nervous about taking off the trays when I get the attachments since I've heard they make removal even more difficult. Since I don't have much to report this week I'll just post my pictures. I took some with the trays on and off. Some pictures may be a little off because it's actually pretty difficult to hold a mirror stable and hold a camera stable at just the right angle and look at the mirror to make sure it's clear and take the picture. But I tried.

Top Arch:

Bottom Arch:

Front View:

Side Views:

Front View with Trays:

Sorry if there are too many pics but I really wanted lots of angles. Obviously there aren't any visually noticeable changes yet, but I didn't expect there to be anyway. I will post again very soon when I get the attachments and I will definitely include pictures.

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